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Future PlansΒΆ

ToscaWidgets has been around for a few years now, but we are still not completely satisfied with all it does. ToscaWidgets 0.9.x branch is coming to a close, and tw2 is now under development.

Some interesting design changes that tw2 brings to the table are:
  • Use request local storage (2x speedup!)
  • Widget-based controllers (full widget functionalality encapsulation)
Some more goals that we hope to achieve with tw2 are:
  • Create a functioning Widget Browser that is tested, and easy to add new widget libraries to. This is possible with widget-based controller methods.
  • More interesting built-in widgets, e.g. growable forms, choice fields that show and hide options depending on selection. Some of this work has already been done with tw2.dynforms.
  • More hooks for doing custom validation, e.g. fields that become compulsory depending on the value of another field.