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The TurboGears Web Framework

TurboGears is an ObjectDispatch based Python web development framework made for rapid projects development.

from tg import expose
from helloworld.lib.base import BaseController

class RootController(BaseController):
     def index(self):
         return "<h1>Hello World</h1>"

TurboGears is meant to run inside python virtualenv and provides its own private index to avoid messing with your system packages and to provide a reliable set of packages that will correctly work together.

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages tg2env
$ source tg2env/bin/activate
(tg2env)$ easy_install -i tg.devtools

To try TurboGears feel free to quickstart a new TurboGears application and start playing around:

(tg2env)$ paster quickstart -n -x example
(tg2env)$ cd example/
(tg2env)$ python develop
(tg2env)$ paster serve development.ini

Visiting http://localhost:8080/index you will see a ready made sample application with a brief introduction to the framework itself.

Explore the TurboGears Tutorials to get started with TurboGears!