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Developing Toscawidgets

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Creating ToscaWidgets Libraries

Existing ToscaWidgets Packages

ToscaWidgets has been around for a few years and has grown a significant set of widget libraries. TW has grown from it’s simple roots defining Form widgets to include a full suite of ajax enabled capabilities. Recent versions of TW even support on-widget controllers which makes it easy to encapsulate both server and client side code in the same object. In addition to form functionality nearly every major JavaScript library is wrapped in someway by ToscaWidgets.

Form Libraries


The form library that started it all. This library allows you to create forms and fields with objects instead of raw html. Coupled with FormEncode validation, this library provides a powerful tool for the creation of validated forms for your application.

maintainers: Alberto Valverde, Chris Perkins, Diez B. Roggisch, Christoph Zwerschke

Notable Widgets:

  • TableForm
  • InputField
  • CalendarPicker


This add-on for tw allows for more dynamic forms on your web pages. This widget allows for some functionality like autocompletion fields, as well as allowing for sub-forms with the capability to grow or shrink based on user needs.

maintainers: Paul Johnston, Chris Perkins, Joseph Tate

Notable Widgets:

  • HidingTableForm
  • AjaxLookupField
  • GrowingTableFieldSet

JavaScript wrapping Libraries

Although most people associate ToscaWidgets with the ability to create forms, the brunt of the development has gone into wrapping existing JS libraries, making them easily available to pages for further development. Here are a few JavaScript libraries that you can use for this purpose.


A wrapper for the popular jquery library. This library gives you the ability to use jquery on your pages, and implements a number of widgets to make it easier to render jquery enabled components.

maintainers: Luke Macken, Christoph Zwerschke

Notable Widgets:
  • ActiveForm
  • AutoCompleteField
  • FlotWidget
  • DynaTree
  • TreeView
  • UIDatePicker


Mootools is a JavaScript library that took off from the Prototype JavaScript library. Jonathan Schemoul has contributed a considerable amout of functionality, some of which is used in his Paris Envies site.

maintainer: Jonathan Schemoul

Notable Widgets:

  • SortableWidget
  • KwickWidget
  • SimpleGridWidget
  • CalendarWidget


This library wraps the 2.0.2 version of extjs. It is locked at this version for licensing reasons and is not likely to change any time soon. Use of this library is cautioned as there is no clear upgrade path.

maintainer: Chris Perkins


This is a wrapper for the popular YUI javascript library. This library wraps the version 2.x code and is periodically updated. There are limited widgets for this library available, as it is mostly used for it’s ability to inject YUI links into a page.

maintainer: Chris Perkins

Notable Widgets:

  • AutoCompleteField


OpenLayers is a JavaScript library especially good for handling the needs of Geospacial web pages. This library helps you to put meaningful maps on your page. Coupled with TileCache, you can render maps and data assocaited data much more easily.

Notable widgets:
  • Map
  • Layer
  • Navigation
  • LayerSwitcher

maintainer: Sanjiv Singh


needs maintainer


needs maintiner

JavaScript Testing Libraries


Again, yui is provided as a means to inject JavaScript resources into your page. One of those resources is the yuitest framework, which is an excellent way to unit test your client side JavaScript.

maintainer: Chris Perkins


A simple wrapper for the jsunit code that you may use to load the JS framework required for getting your unit tests started.

maintainer: Sanjiv Singh

Simile Libraries

Simile is a library from MIT that helps display time-based data. We have created a few libraries to make this process a bit easier.


Wraps the timeline library, which can plot events over time whether the time for the events is continuous or point-related.

maintainer: Chris Perkins


Wraps the timeplot library, which can plot datapoints over time.

maintainer: Chris Perkins

One-Off Libraries


ReCaptcha packaged as ToscaWidgets


Ajax star rating system

Google Analytics wrapped by ToscaWidgets