Advanced Admin Customizations

TurboGears admin configurations work through the TGAdminConfig class, which makes it possible to change the behavior for each model. We are going to use the EasyCrudRestController to perform quick tuning of our administrative interface.

Displaying the Slug

Right now our admin shows us the page id and title, but doesn’t provide a link to the page itself, so it’s hard to see how a page looks after we edit it.

To solve this issue we are going to replace the page id with a link to the page itself inside the administration table.

Custom Admin Config

The first step is provide a custom admin config which removes the page id field. We are going to add this in wikir/controllers/

from tgext.crud import EasyCrudRestController
from tgext.admin.config import CrudRestControllerConfig

class WikiPageAdminController(EasyCrudRestController):
    __table_options__ = {'__omit_fields__':['uid']}

class CustomAdminConfig(TGAdminConfig):
    class wikipage(CrudRestControllerConfig):
        defaultCrudRestController = WikiPageAdminController

Once you declared your custom admin config, inside your RootController there should be a line which looks like:

admin = AdminController(model, DBSession, config_type=TGAdminConfig)

Replace that one with:

admin = AdminController(model, DBSession, config_type=CustomAdminConfig)

When you reload the wiki pages administration table you should see that the page uid is not there anymore.

The Slug Column

We are now going to replace the previous uid field with a url column which contains a link to the page.

To do so we have to tell our table that there an html type column (so its content doesn’t get escaped) and how to generate the content for that column. This can be done inside the WikiPageAdminController that we just declared:

class WikiPageAdminController(EasyCrudRestController):
    __table_options__ = {

        'url': lambda filler, row: '<a href="%(url)s">%(url)s</a>' % dict(url=row.url)


The __field_order__ option is necessary to let the admin know that we have a url field that we want to show. Otherwise it will just know how to show it thanks to the __xml_fields__ and slug properties but won’t know where it has to be displayed.

Extending the Admin Further

If you want to further customize the admin behaviour have a look at the Working with the TurboGears Admin documentation.